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Zarei carpet design studio

Depicting motifs that are an abstract expression of life and the environment around us is beautiful and unique, even more beautiful is mixing these motifs with thousands of years of thought, culture, customs and traditions of a nation that has always honored art. Iranian carpet, this most graceful gift and Iranian art to the dear presence of every art lover. It really touches the eye and speaks about what is hidden in the heart of this ancient land, Iran...

Zarei carpet design collection takes steps in the direction of enhancing this art and has a group of experts in the field of carpet design and painting. Following the remarkable developments in the field of machine-made carpets and the production of 1000 comb and 1200 comb carpets, this collection tries to present the best and most original Iranian carpet patterns along with creativity and innovation in the form of machine-made carpets.

With the hope of growing and prospering as much as possible, dear Iran